Bookmark this page today - that way you can always find us! Please stop by if you are in the area. Feel free to use our research area in the front of the store! The address is 9434 E. Colonial Dr, Ĺ mile east of State Road 417 (The Greenway). We are on the south side of Colonial Dr. in the East Colonial Center. It is located next to the Sunoco Gas Station. Call ahead if you need directions: 407-823-8840

9434 E. Colonial Drive | Orlando, FL 32817
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Extracts - Compounds

Unless otherwise noted, all of our extracts are the Herb Pharm brand, probably the most highly respected herbal extract company in the country. All bottles are 1 fl oz.
Adrenal Support 1 fl oz Restorative Adrenal Gland Tonic $12.00 Add to Cart
Athletes Power -1 fl oz Energy Enhancing Tonic for Athletes $12.80 Add to Cart
Avena-Licorice - 1 fl oz Tobacco addiction remedy $11.70 Add to Cart
Blood Pressure Support ext Mistletoe/Linden 1 fl oz $13.00 Add to Cart
Brain & Memory Tonic 1 -fl oz Brain Function Memory Concentration $12.80 Add to Cart
Breath Tonic - 1 fl oz Peppermint $9.50 Add to Cart
Bugleweed-Motherwort - 1 fl hyperthyroid $11.70 Add to Cart
Calm Breath - 1 fl oz for healthy bronchial tubes $11.70 Add to Cart
Calm Waters - 1 fl oz Healthy Bladder function $11.70 Add to Cart
Childrens Herbal 1 fl oz Tonic for Babies & Small Children $11.70 Add to Cart
Digestive Bitters Herb Pharm $12.00 Add to Cart
Echinacea-Goldenseal 1 fl oz Cold & Flu Remedy $12.80 Add to Cart
Female Libido - 1 fl oz Sexual Tonic $12.80 Add to Cart
Feverfew Lavender - 1 fl oz Headache Remedy $11.80 Add to Cart
Flexible Joint -1 fl oz Arthritis & Gout Remedy $12.80 Add to Cart
Golden Echinacea helps immune function $12.50 Add to Cart
Golden Echinacea ext- 1 fl oz 85% Echinacea 15% Goldenseal $12.50 Add to Cart
Goldenrod & Horsetail ext 1 fl oz $11.70 Add to Cart
Good Mood Tonic - 1 fl oz Positive emotional balance $12.80 Add to Cart
Healthy Cholesterol -1 fl oz Healthy Cholesterol Tonic $11.70 Add to Cart
Healthy Heart Tonic - 1 fl oz Cardiovascular Tonic $12.80 Add to Cart
Healthy Liver - 1 fl oz Liver Tonic $12.80 Add to Cart
Healthy Menopause - 1 fl oz Support during menopause $11.80 Add to Cart
Healthy Prostate Tonic 1 fl oz Prostate Gland Tonic $12.80 Add to Cart
Healthy Veins -1 fl oz Restorative Venous Tonic $11.70 Add to Cart
Herbal Respiratory Relief $11.70 Add to Cart
Immunattack -1 fl oz Immune System Tonic $11.70 Add to Cart
Immune Defense 1 fl oz Immune System Tonic $12.00 Add to Cart
Khella Turmeric $11.70 Add to Cart
Liquid Lightning - 1fl oz Warming liquid $12.80 Add to Cart
Lobelia Skunk Cabbage HerbPharm Compound $11.80 Add to Cart
Male Sex Vitality tonic 1 fl oz $15.00 Add to Cart
Mothers Lactation - 1 fl oz Promotes Lactation $11.70 Add to Cart
Mucura ext 1 fl oz Petiveria alliacea $12.00 Add to Cart
Mullien-Garlic oil - 1 fl oz Herbal Ear Drops $12.00 Add to Cart
Nervous System Tonic 1fl oz $11.70 Add to Cart
Neutralizing Cordial - 1 fl oz $11.70 Add to Cart
Pau d Arco ext - 1 fl oz Glycerites $11.70 Add to Cart
Phytoestrogen Tonic - 1 fl oz $11.70 Add to Cart
Pollen Defense - 1 fl oz Eyebright Nettle (hay fever remedy) $13.00 Add to Cart
RedClover/Stillingia ext 1 oz $12.80 Add to Cart
Reishi ext 1 fl oz Ganoderma lucidum $14.50 Add to Cart
Relaxing Sleep Tonic 1 fl oz $12.50 Add to Cart
Rue-Fennel ext. 1 fl oz Eyewash $12.80 Add to Cart
Soothing Oak & Ivy 1 fl oz $12.80 Add to Cart
Soothing Throat spray Propolis-Echinacea cold remedy $12.00 Add to Cart
Spilanthes Usnea ext - 1 fl oz $12.00 Add to Cart
Stone Breaker 1 fl oz (Chanca Peidra) $12.50 Add to Cart
Stress Manager 1 fl oz Herb Pharm $12.80 Add to Cart
Trauma Drops - 1 fl oz $12.00 Add to Cart
Trauma Oil 1 fl oz external use $12.80 Add to Cart
Virattack - 1 fl oz Antiviral Remedy $11.70 Add to Cart
Warming Circ Tonic - 1 fl oz $11.70 Add to Cart
Wild Cherry Petasites- 1 fl oz Cough & respiratory congestion remedy $11.70 Add to Cart
Willow-Meadowsweet - 1 fl oz Analgesic formula $12.80 Add to Cart
Womens Health Tonic 1 fl oz supports reproductive health $12.80 Add to Cart